Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Vox Populi Clarus! The People’s Voice…Loud and Clear

bald-eagle-vox-2Our voices which have  been ignored shall hence forth echo in the ears of those who thought they could ignore us.

Those who know better than us shall be deafened by the screams of the ones they have considered to be ignorant.

No parties. No agendas. No guided motives.


Welcome, all, to the podium.

We have given power to this megaphone. No longer shall the leaders of our free nation be able to ignore our voices. No longer will we be muted, muffled or silenced.

Here, on these steps, politics give way to reason, policies will be molded by logic not party lines. The needs of the few shall not outweigh the needs of the many, however the needs of all will be discussed and considered.  Profits will not impede progress.

No color nor hue shall be required, requested or rejected.

No religion, nor creed, nor culture shall be ousted, rejected or propagandized.

Intellect, Logic and Reason shall be our creed.